How to make Maths Interesting ?


Math is a very logical subject and rote learning will not help in this. It is always advisable to know the logic behind the concept. One way is to be attentive in the class and ask your teacher if you have any question, in this way you will engage yourself in the subject and will find it interesting.

Another important thing is to look for patterns and connections. After you have done math for a while, you will begin to see patterns and connections that you cannot experience as an observer. By getting involved in the problem, you get to see and feel how problems are solved. The answer to all problems, be it math or otherwise lies within the problem itself. Finally, after you have learned a skill, it is extremely effective to pass it on. When you teach, you verbalize the connections you made while practicing. By teaching you have to understand the problem so that you can correctly explain it and work through it in order to arrive at the correct answer. Also, you can join a study group or math clubs. Study groups will give you a chance to merge ideas and concepts with a group of peers. You will be able to teach and learn from each other. Math clubs will help you exercise your ability to learn. The most important thing is to know the concepts rather than just mugging up the formulas.