A Student knows the importance of clear concept and basic understanding of the subject he or she is studying. On the basis of clear concepts of different topics and thorough understanding , we can secure perfect score in any exam. At any stage of higher education, the only thing that sets us apart in fetching perfect score is our knowledge and command over the subject.

Students work hard to achieve perfect score in exams. No doubt schools try their best to bring out the best in the students but with the competition and demand of time ,schools cannot have full focus and attention on each and every student and their strengths and weaknesses. So, the students turn for their best interest towards coaching institutes where the scenario is much the same.

The mentor gives complete attention on each and every individual student and tries his or her best to remedy the weaknesses and increase the strengths of the students to bring the best out of them. It is in the best interest of the students to consult a mentor for getting focus and attention on their complete growth as well as in strengthening their subject knowledge.

Mr Amit Kumar has been mentoring students since last eight years and has even taught students in Dubai. He is one of the best mentor for Mathematics in Delhi NCR. His approach towards students is focused on bringing out the best and developing problem solving thinking skill to enable them to solve JEE (advanced and main) questions and compete in the most esteemed engineering exam of India and abroad. He also helps the students in achieving ninty five plus score in board exams. He teaches students of FIITJEE, VMC, Narayana etc to clear their concepts and doubts for achieving the best in JEE.

He has been mentoring students to develop their own way of thinking for solving maths problems by making concept clear with appropriate illustrations and assignments. He takes 10 minutes speed quiz in every class on topics which were delivered in previous class to make students confident with revision of previous topics. He takes test on each chapter.

He tries to make Maths interesting and creative instead of robotics. He tries to explain maths in the simplest way and to make any students understand Maths and it's application with illustrations from science and technology.